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New Model Fan

Time-controlled electric fan

  • Just set the working time of the fan, it will be on and off according to your settings, on time, and on time.

Acoustic-electric fan

  • The sound-controlled electric fan developed by General Electric Company of the United States has a microelectronic receiver. It only needs to clap the hand twice in a place no more than 3 meters, and the electric fan will automatically run; if the electric fan claps three times, the electric fan will stop automatically.

Air-conditioning wind fan

  • A new type of electric fan combining fan and refrigerator is introduced in the European market. Its fan has a refrigeration core, and the central cylinder of the core has mixed liquid. After putting the core in the refrigerator for 3 hours, it can be used to blow out the cold air, which gives people a sense of air-conditioning.

Noise-free electric fan

  • The electric fan, which is almost noise-free and developed by the Mitsubishi company of Japan, is equipped with a special bird wing blade, which can generate a vortex flow. It is suitable for the use of microcomputers, word processors, and copiers without a protective cover.

Lamp head fan

  • The electric fan, which can be installed on the bulb lamp head, is small and exquisite. It can be used as long as there is a lamp head installed. It is not only easy to install, but also can save energy.

Four seasons of electric fan

  • The electric fan, which can be used in all seasons, is produced in Germany, equipped with a far infrared heater and negative ion generator. It can send cool wind in summer and hot air in winter. It can send negative ion wind all the year round, which has the effect of cooling and heating, purifying air, and preventing diseases and health care.

Matchbox fan

  • The miniature fan developed in France has a volume of a matchbox, a thickness of 14 mm, a length of 62 mm, a weight of only 45 g, DC power of 12 to 24 volts, two-watt power, and continuous service life of 10000 hours.

Fuzzy micro control electric fan

  • The advanced electric fan, which is introduced by the Toshiba company, has 7-level air volume, such as strong, ordinary, and weak, and can automatically select the best air supply according to the temperature and humidity measured by the sensor. If someone touches the mesh cover, it will automatically stop turning.

Electric fan for finger injury prevention

  • Robertson Industrial Co., Ltd. has introduced two new fans. As long as the person’s fingers touch the cover of the fan, they will send an electric pulse signal to the control system, which will stop the fan from turning, so as to avoid finger injury.

Small electric fan

  • It is suitable for going out in summer or when there is no cool tool around it. This kind of fan has many, which are a battery, charging, and USB interface. It is also a good tool in summer.

Metal fan

  • A metal fan, also known as a metal fan, metal fan, refers to the manufacturing materials of electric fans are metal, such as iron and copper. In developed countries in Europe and America, metal fans, with their unique artistic charm and metal texture, have become a high-level home decoration, and are welcomed and loved by the majority of consumers. This trend has been brought from livable to China and is affecting more and more families.

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The fan shaft is to ensure that there is lubricating oil, otherwise, the fan blade on the top of the motor can not drag.

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