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How to use an electric fan 

Before using an electric fan, you should read the instruction manual in detail and fully grasp the structure, performance, installation, use, and maintenance methods and precautions of the electric fan.
Desktop and floor-standing fans must use three-pronged plugs and sockets with a safety grounding wire; ceiling fans should be installed in a higher position on the ceiling and can be used without a grounding wire.
The fan blade is an important part of the fan and must be protected from deformation during installation, disassembly, scrubbing, and use.
When operating the switches, buttons, and knobs, the action should not be too violent or too fast, nor should you press two buttons at the same time.
The speed knob of the ceiling fan should be rotated slowly in sequence and should not be rotated in between the gears, otherwise, it will easily make the ceiling fan hot and burn the machine.
The oil or dust of the fan should be removed in time. It should not be wiped with petrol or a strong alkaline solution to avoid damaging the function of the painted surface parts.
Electric fans in the process of use such as hot hands, abnormal burnt smell, shaking head do not work, slow speed, and other faults, do not continue to use, should promptly cut off the power supply overhaul.
Before collecting the fan, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned of oil and ash and wiped with a dry soft cloth, then wrapped in kraft paper or a clean cloth. The place of storage should be dry and ventilated to avoid extrusion.

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