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Common Faults Of Electric Fan

  1. The fan shaft is to ensure that there is lubricating oil, otherwise, the fan blade on the top of the motor can not drag. If you are at home, you can choose to turn off the power and turn on the wind blade. If the rotation is stiff, there is basically no lubricating oil.
  2. Wear caused by long use. If a fan is used for a long time, the motor will be damaged, and the shaft sleeve of the motor will be easily burned after being worn.
  3. The fan does not turn due to overheating. There is a motor in the fan device. There will be an overheated circuit breaker in the motor. If there is a short circuit in the coil winding, the heat value will increase in a short time. In this case, the motor will “strike”.
  4. The starting capacitance becomes smaller. When the fan is used for a long time, the capacitance will be reduced, resulting in smaller starting torque of the motor, unable to drive the load.
  5. Most of the time, the reason why the fan blades do not rotate is the problem of poor maintenance. If the wind blade turns stiff by hand after turning off the power, some lubricating oil should be dripped into the shaft so that it can be lubricated, so as not to affect the motor to drag the wind blade.
  6. In view of the nonrotation of the fan blade caused by wear, the simplest thing is to replace the parts, especially the shaft sleeve, which is easy to burn after wear.
  7. If the fan doesn’t work due to the smaller capacitance, you can remove the capacitor and replace it with a new one of the same type. It is suggested that the one 20% larger than the original one will have a better rotation effect.
  8. If the axial clearance of the shaft is too large, you can choose to remove the motor and adjust the shim. But remember to install the motor back, pay attention to the rotor and bearing must be concentric, lubrication screw diagonal slowly tighten, and finally knock the shaft with a wooden handle to ensure that it is concentric.
  9. If it is because of electrical failure, you can check the wiring of each line, sometimes the wire is damaged, and you can repair the problem.

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Common Faults Of Electric Fan

The fan shaft is to ensure that there is lubricating oil, otherwise, the fan blade on the top of the motor can not drag.

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