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How to install a wall fan

How to install a wall fan

A wall fan is a small electric fan mounted on a wall for the purpose of saving space.

Features are convenient, practical, and beautiful. Wall fans are divided into directional wall fans and steering wall fans, steering wall fans can swing head-blowing, blowing a wide range, of strong wind.

Wall fans are mostly used in cafeterias, restaurants, factories, and other places.

The wall fan is packaged with its parts unattached. You must assemble the fan correctly following the instruction before use.
Check the plug and power cord are not damaged before assembling.
WARNING: Never operate the fan without being fully assembled-the fan should only be operated in the upright position; any other position could create a hazardous situation.
Please assemble the electric fan in accordance with the following procedures. Don't throw the carton away, please keep it for future use.

Adding the Rear Guard

Fit the rear guard with the three pillars on the front motor cover and fix it with the nuts

Adding the Blade

Face the warning sticker towards yourself and slip the blade into the motor shaft
Install the blade's cap onto the motor shaft by turning the blade's cap counter
clockwise to secure the blade in place

Adding the Front Guard

Unscrew the screw of the guard ringgit the front guard with the rear guard


Using a spirit level and ruler mark the wall where you want the fan to be installed
Attach the plate to a wall-ensure it is secure and level
Hook the wall fan onto the plate

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